Get to Know Nairn


You’ll love the many opportunities for wildlife-spotting and watching in Nairn. Whether you are a serious bird-watcher or a curious traveller, a visit to Nairn gives you the chance to experience nature up close and personal.


Get up close and personal with Scotland’s most surprising wildlife. Find out the best places to spot the Moray Firth dolphins and how to follow them on their salmon hunt with an exciting boat trip.


There are over 900 seals in the Moray Firth, so you have a good chance of spotting seals in Nairn if you know where to look.


Whether you are a seasoned bird-watcher or just a casual observer, there’s lots of birdlife to discover on the Moray Firth and in Culbin Forest reserve.


They may be small, but the red squirrel is one of Scotland’s best-loved animals. Find out where to see red squirrels in Nairn.


Nairn’s enviable location and reputation as one of the driest and sunniest places in Scotland means that you can spend all day outdoors without encountering the tiny but fearsome midge.