Scotch whisky is Scotland’s most famous export and no Highland holiday is complete without sampling a dram or two of uisge baetha. Just 15 minutes from Nairn, in Forres, you’ll find Speyside’s smallest distillery, Benromach, which produces a range of traditionally handcrafted, aged single malt scotch whiskies. You can tour the distillery and learn about the process of making Scotland’s national drink before sampling a dram or two. Also in Forres, you can visit the historic distillery of Dallas Dhu, where you can annoy a free audio-guide and presentation while you inspect the giant washbacks and two-storey malting bar. Real whisky enthusiasts won’t want to miss a trip into the heart of Speyside, less than an hour South of Nairn, where you will find dozens of lesser-known and famous distilleries to visit, including Aberlour and The Macallan. You can also enjoy a trip to the Speyside Cooperage, to learn the art of coopering and marvel at the dramatic firing of casks. Local tour operator, AirtsnPairts, can organise your tour of Speyside distilleries, so you don’t need to worry about driving.